” It took us two years to learn about looking after Civet Cats, another two years for our Civets to produce the first batch of Caphe cut chon (literally Civet faeces coffee), and finally a whole year to perfect roasting it.

Without doubt, this legendary coffee will reward your senses with great enjoyment, but it is the passion that has gone into making it that demands an intense appreciation, both from you and the people you give the giftbox to.”

Exotic civet coffee beans are also sold at DK’s Restaurant & Wine Bar. Enjoy a cup of pure civet coffee and show your friends home that you care by giving them this special gift from Vietnam.

Premium Giftbox – Robusta Civet coffee from Buon Me Thuot

There are 2 foil packs of Robusta Chon inside the Premium Red Giftbox, each contains 125g of roasted beans or ground available on order.

The Robusta Chon is produced from cherries of Buon Me Thuot locality which is well-known for its heavy body and flavor richness. The Robusta Chon retains these positive characteristics while develops a stronger sweetness plus a medium level of acidity not found in ordinary Robusta.

Extra Premium Giftbox – Mocha Civet coffee from Cau Dat

Contained in the box is 250g blend of 60% Mocha Chon and 40% Robusta Chon coffee, with the Mocha Chon produced from cherries picked at Cau Dat Da Lat – as faraway as 300 kms from our Chon farm in Buon Me Thuot.

Cau Dat is a district of Lam Dong Province which is on a plateau of the height over 1,200m with a perfect condition for Mocha growing. Its Mocha beans is the most sought after by world’s major coffee buyers.

The Cau Dat Mocha is of Catimor cultivar, which is best known for its rich aroma and clean acidity. The Mocha Chon retains these characteristics yet develops a winey mellow flavor not present in any ordinary Arabica beans.

The blend between Mocha Chon and Robusta Chon yeilds a bold bodied, winey mellow flavor with a rich chocolaty aroma that will give your senses the pleasure they probably haven’t known.

Only 50 Mysterious Green Giftboxes Available – The rare wild reserves of Cau Dat Mocha Chon Coffee

The wild Chon coffee is often collected after a few days of exposure to high humidity in natural habitat and easy to get blackened or mossy. The resultant compulsory selection thus makes the rare collection even rarer.

With that treasured reserves, we plan to make 50 products of Rare Wild. Each product is of 250g net weight of the ground or roasted whole beans (at customer’s request), contained in a delicately lacquered gifbox with a glossy deep green finish.

But why it’s the deep green color?

Yes, it’s true that in comparation to the farmed Chon coffee, this particular wild reserves posesses such a different attractive flavor component that we are unable to clearly describe. And we think it’s really mysterious.

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